We, M/s.Cap Federation Cinemas (CAP FED) a division of Clouds Advertising Pvt.Ltd, provide Digital cinema projection solutions to cinemas, under the brand name of Clox Digital Cinemas, a Project to supply/install Digital Servers/ DLP Projectors to screen Movies in various cinema theatres. We offer our best service for film makers, distributors and studios in the film industry. Our Service and work is carried out at our well equipped Digital Cinema Lab situated in the premises of Clouds Centre, Easwara Iyer Road, Pullepady in Ernakulam. We have developed Digital Cinema Servers and well designed web application and software package to make an easy access of digital cinema content to cinemas using the Internet. Our Digital Cinema Server which will facilitate playback of feature films or other digital content in the cinemas in non 2K, 2K & 4K formats. It has also acquired the software and systems to encode, encrypt, transfer, license and control playback of content. We take care of every process in the Digital cinema content supply including encoding DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages), digital delivery to cinemas, hard drive replication, distribution. We encrypt all the film to prevent piracy and provide an individual key (KDM) to each cinema to unlock the movie back to our central hub for control and exhibition permissions. Our digital conversion process also includes embedded digital watermarking. Our well trained technicians/professionals provide uncompromising performance in picture quality, there will be no degradation in colours and quality over time is one of the main advantages of the digital technology. We offer one of the most complete encoding and distribution services known to the film industry by providing 24 hour KDM support, quality service with high level security and confidentiality.


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